I came to Windsor last year 2018 for my anniversary, and a nice lad had pulled me in to try the fudge. Me and my husband fell in love with how yummy the fudge taste and how lovely the people were in the shop. So this year I was going back to Windsor for of wedding anniversary again. This year it 6 year and the gift this year is sugar. So I brought my husband all the fudge he can eat. The guy at the shop was so love that nice. Given me everything to try so I could buy all the ones we like.
Nipa Patel
Part of me regrets going in the shop cos now I can't stop thinking about FUDGE! Staff are clearly passionate & were delighted to have us try different flavours & explain the process of making the fudge. Ate our slab before we made it home & ordered more online the next day. Will be a great gift idea.
Bought these as a present. Did not realise just how much was in 6 slices. The flavours are exactly as they are claimed to be. Would be more than happy to purchase more, especially for those friends who have everything a d are difficult to buy for.
June King
Best fudge E.V.E.R!! Stopped by on our trip to Bath. Now I am trying to figure out how to get some in Texas!
Fudge Kitchen - Windsor. Wow! The man outside the shop tempting customers in was so funny. Once in the shop we got to see some fudge being poured out which the kids (and adults) loved. We got to taste lots of free samples. We ended up buying 4 bars of fudge which were absolutely amazing - Chocolate Orange, Lavender Caramel and two Belgian Chocolate. The most beautiful, melt in your mouth fudge I've ever had, everyone in our party of seven agreed. I will be buying gifts from here in future.
Just WOW! I went to visit my family in Cambridge and we went to your store there. We tried Chocolate and salt and it was delicious - just melted in month leaving amazing taste! I just ordered two boxes of those I can't get enough! Thank you such for an amazing treat! ;)
Magdalena Marshall
Visited the shop in Windsor and now totally addicted to dark chocolate and sea salt. Try to buy a box a month. Stunning xx
Emma x
Amazing fudge!! Stumbled across the hilarious sales pitch of one of the employees outside the Oxford branch, so had a look inside. A few tasters later, and we left with a boxful of delicious, indulgent flavours. Highly recommended!
Went to your Bath shop earlier today. The whole experience had the "wow factor " from start to finish. From entering the shop and being greeted by the lovely passionate staff to tasting the amazing products to purchasing our absolute favourites (the dark chocolate and sea salt and the butterbeer fudge). The first taste, the depth of the flavour and the creamy melt in the mouth consistency is just absolute heaven. Cannot recommend it enough!!!
Thank you so much Fudge Kitchen. Every year I order from you for my Hubby wether it be for Father's Day or his birthday. This year was his 40th birthday and he was delighted as always. Fantastic delivery and service. The fudge is beautifully presented and tastes divine. Thanks again
Lorraine C
Thank you so much for the amazing service- the fudge was incredible! Will definitely be buying again! Anna was extremely helpful in tracking my fudge delivery for me. Thank you again for your wonderful service!
Without a doubt the best fudge shops around! I only found them by accident following a day out in Oxford. The staff are amazingly friendly, always offer you a sample before you make your selection! The fudge itself is so creamy and melts in your mouth and the flavours are perfectly crafted, keep up the good work!
Jimmy, Southampton
I received a fudge kitchen selection as part of a Christmas hamper and loved every last bit! I have purchased some as a gift on this occasion knowing what a treat it was to receive. It’s delicious, creamy, and worth every penny.
Hayley C
Visiting Bath from Glasgow! AMAZING customer service from the team! Fun friendly and lots of tasting opportunities offered! Fascinating watching the fudge being made!! Cannot recommend enough and oh by the way the fudge is delicious!!!
I was planning on bringing my fudge back to Jersey....it didn't make it, got to come back again. It was amazing, thank you for the warm welcome
Tony, Rosemary and Enya Satchwell
My mum, daughter and I visited the shop on Tuesday 19th of December and was just blown away with the friendliness and enthusiasm that the 4 lovely guys showed. The fudge tasted amazing and the flavour choices were great. The highlight for me was the beautiful version of happy birthday they sang to me! It made my day. Thank you so much for that great experience and we shall with out a doubt be back!
We were on a street food tour late Dec when we puchased our box of fudge and traveled all the way back to Australia with it. Wow last piece last night. Still as good as the first day. Enjoyed the experience watching the guys demonstrating the art of making Amazing Fudge.
Aileen Picken
Have just tried the dairy free Raspberry Sorbet fudge and it is absolutely amazing!!!!!! So creamy and flavour some.
I don't know whether it was the super friendly staff, the calming demonstration of the fudge being made, the extremely helpful guy at the till or the creamy melt-in-the-mouth vegan sea salt caramel fudge itself, but these guys are amazing! Thank you for turning my bad day into a great one!
J Thompson
Popped into shop today (11/2/19) greeted with fun and facts, great enthusiasm. Bought dark salted chocolate. Best fudge we have ever eaten. Will be using website to order more, gutted we didn't but more at the time!
Karen Roach
So good to find a local Fudge Kitchen, we live in Taunton, and to hear that you're doing more Dairy Free flavours. Lovely seeing IAN again, we both recognized you from the York shop. I've found the photos I took of you doing a demonstration in York, can't believe it was way back in April 2012 - you haven't changed a bit!!!
Gill & Kev Toller
Fabulous staff at the Cambridge branch. LOVED my four different slabs of fudge. Just delicious - have asked my daughter to bring some more down when she next visits Devon :-)
Lesley Gibbs (Exmouth)
I never leave reviews ever. But this fudge (Dark Chocolate and sea salt) was amazing. I am actually in love and I will definitely buy more.
The person I bought the 12 Flavours of Christmas box for told me today that it was the best fudge he’d ever tasted!
Susan Roberts
Best fudge ever. My son bought me a box of 6 different flavour slices for Christmas. I can't believe how creamy and tasty it is. Shall definately be visiting the shop and buying more.
Linda Etwell.
Amazing fudge, we received some in a hamper and then bought more ourselves straight away!
OMG!! Your fudge is amazing. I hate, let me reiterate that, I hate fudge, but NOT yours. It is stunning. I don't know if this is a good for bad thing, as I am officially hooked!
Nikki Gray
Found thjs marvellous shop in Bath, tried a piece and have been hooked ever since. Every time we visit Bath, we buy a box. Thrilled to be able to order online because this fudge is quite simply, the most gorgeous and delicious fudge I have ever had. I'm not tradionally a person who likes fudge but ALL the fudges in offer here are addictive. Simply divine.
Outstanding fudge - creamy, loaded with flavor, delicious and made with great care by a fellow STS member. Thanks Will!
Su Jaffe
Unbelievably delicious fudge - highly recommended.
I found the staff in the Bath shop extremely friendly and the fudge I tried ie dark chocolate and the newly made batch of white chocolate absolutely out of this world best fudge evet !!!!!! I watched the lady make the white fudge finding the process absolutely fascinating , making sure all my friends and family see it. Bought 4 slabs for £17 and was well worth every penny !!! Thank you so much to all the staff on Monday 12th November 2018 x
Julie Hall
Love this place!!
Thank you so much for the fudge making experience in your Cambridge shop. CJ and the team were amazing. Would thoroughly recommend it.
Debbie & Megan
Sadly I’ve never liked fudge..however, am more than happy to buy box selections for my friends..bribery perhaps? They rave over most flavours but not as keen on the lemon one. Order/delivery system is efficient and so easy..even I can manage it!
Judith M Moyes
Best fudge in the world. I wasn’t keen on fudge in the past. Mainly because I am lactose intolerant. Then I tried Fudge Kitchens dairy free fudge. It so delicious and moreish. Really doesn’t last long in this house.
Shiralee Johnson
Addictive..... Especially the lemon and ginger flavours
Literally the tastiest and smoothest fudge I have ever eaten! It's sublime, especially with the amount of flavours! I've just ordered 2 boxes of 6 blocks now, only a week after ordering a 6 block box. Literally addicted!!
Dom Morrison
Had a fun time on Saturday with Peter making fudge! The whole team are friendly and generous. Enjoying eating my slabs. Also, received a discount on the drinking fudge! The whole experience was fab. Thank you.
I was with a group tour in Bath and a hilarious, charming guy was offering free fudge so I popped by after and was met by a lovely girl who offered me a delicious piece of fudge. I came back because it was so good and I was so dumbfounded by how nice and funny everyone was there. I wish I could have stayed longer to talk and get to know everyone and I will definitely come back once I save up enough money to travel back! Overall, I am in love!❤️ ...Plus the staff isn’t half bad haha
It’sVivianO’Clock 😊
I was with a group tour in Bath and a hilarious, charming guy was offering free fudge so I popped by after and was met by a lovely girl who offered me a delicious piece of fudge. I came back because it was so good and I was so dumbfounded by how nice and funny everyone was there. I wish I could have stayed longer to talk and get to know everyone and I will definitely come back once I save up enough money to travel back! Overall, I am in love!❤️ ...Plus the staff isn’t half bad haha
Vivian 😊
Never had a mouthful that wasn't delicious, and I have tried most of them. Excellent service too. Nothing to complain about here :-)
Thank you for an awesome fudge making experience today. We had a fantastic time. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. We shall be recommending it to all our fudge loving friends!!!
Emma Riddle
Thank you for an amazing fudge experience today :-) we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are overwhelmed by the generous helpings of fudge we got to take home with us!!!
Alexandra Proctor
Another great visit today ???? gotta say your staff are fab and loved the vegan coconut fudge!! Keep it up!
Amy Lawrence
Gregg says: If you’re a fan of fudge, the Fudge Kitchen has an amazing selection of products.
Gregg Wallace
I love a bit of a clever cheat when it comes to summer desserts and this indulgent sauce is great.
Olive magazine
There is something I particularly like about fudge … It appeals doubly so when it comes from the Fudge Kitchen; it sells a gourmet riot of handmade different fudgey products … in all the flavours Wonka could have imagined.
Sam Muston
Passion, enthusiasm and quality ... what’s absolute class here is that there is no skimping on ingredients, but you can tell by eating the fudge that this is quality and there’s love that’s gone into making it. This is all produced from the heart.
Richard Phillips
Fudge Kitchen are offering true innovation in the premium chocolate sector, where there has been an explosion of chocolate brands with very little differentiation…
The Grocer
The only problem is which one first...?
Luxurious Magazine
Trust the UK’s largest and oldest producers of luxury, authentic fudge to get it right.
Bride magazine
Unashamed self-indulgence.
Homemaker magazine
This gourmet fudge contains natural ingredients, unique recipes and is sure to tantalise the taste buds of chocolate and fudge lovers alike.
Gourmet Chocolate Reviews
A booming business that’s no fudge.
Food Management Today
There’s a choice to suit most tastes and it makes a lovely, sweet change from hot chocolate.
A Mummy Too blog
Don’t be fooled by the name – there will be no sharing.
Gingey Bites blog
They had a very luxury feel … I felt like I was unwrapping something very special.
Kev’s Snack Review blog
Fudge Kitchen bridge the gap between fudge and high chocolate.
Confectionary News
Fudge Kitchen continue to expand the range in still more innovative directions.
Big Hospitality
The Fudge Kitchen fudge has only grown in popularity. Demand has steadily grown for such lovingly created products.
I’m in my absolute element and the Fudge Kitchen Home Kit ticks every last one of my boxes.
Pocketful of Rye
A beautiful gift for someone you really want to impress.
Life in Kent
Once bitten is forever smitten.
Sweet Retailing
I’ve never seen fudge presented in this way before, and I couldn’t wait to tuck it … it oozed luxury, a proper treat … a gift for a chocolate lover when you want to get something a bit different.
Food Stuff Finds blog
I must say it is a really dreamy drink. It has a lovely soft smooth taste that is really luxurious and rich … the perfect drink to keep out the winter chills.

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