Happy Halloween - Let's Boo!

Here are a delicious selection of Boo! gifts to get you started Boo-ing friends and neighbours with. Each item below comes with a sticker and a leaflet containing a Boo poem, game instructions and window poster.

We’re keen to help keep the fun alive…ALIVE! eh-hum, this Halloween. So we’re loving the new “Boo!” craze sweeping the nation. A fangtastic answer to a pandemic-friendly Halloween – leaving a thoughtful sweet treat on the doorstep to surprise your neighbours puts a social-distancing advocacy on the old ‘knock-&-run’ childhood games. Select your ‘Boo! Basket’ of goodies; then it’s down to you to sneakily deliver them, ring the doorbell and skedaddle! How do you Boo? A Halloween boo is a little gift or treat left by a friend or neighbour. Once you’ve been boo’d, you hang a poster on your front door or visible window, to let everyone know you have received your Halloween surprise. Once you are boo’d, it’s your turn to choose two lucky friends to deliver treats anonymously to. Knock and run…then watch to see how far your Boo goes!

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